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Perhaps this isnt an unpopular opinion, but I'm a bi man who hasn't ever gotten with another man but I talk to gay men a lot. (I've never engaged with it for my own personal reasons but that's besides the point)

I don't think many women realize how fucking horrible it is for a man to have a small dick. How emasculating it is to be judged solely on something that you have absolutely no control over. My size isn't great either but I've come to accept it, however, I know many men who simply can't and most women and society at large do nothing to support a person with a small dick.

When I see all the normal shit about fat acceptance or otherwise loving women no matter what size they are, I laugh because they can fucking change their size. A man can't. A woman can get larger breasts, a man can't increase his size. Why should I focus my energy on making those who can change their situation or otherwise in the case of fat people put themselves in the situation to begin with feel more comfortable about themselves while those who can't do anything to help their situation aren't even fucking mentioned in the mainstream until it's convenient.

The rise in hookup culture is only doing more harm. Many men can't stack up, what's considered "average" size is in many cases thought of as small. While it's taboo to shame a woman for their body, small dick jokes seem as if they are completely fair game and the hypocrisy is absolutely disgusting to me.

Edit: as an addendum, I'd like to also take the time to bitch about men with bigger dicks.

All I can say is fuck most of you. You treat your smaller brothers like shit most of the time. Thinking you're fucking special or you did something to earn your sexual prowess, fuck off. It was luck of the God damn draw you should be getting on your knees and thanking whatever cosmic force responsible for bestowing your prowess unto you. While the rest of the population has to carefully disclose their size to every partner, wondering in the back of their mind if they truly don't care. Even though I accept my size (it's about 5 and a half inches) I know I could have it a lot worse and many men do. I still have it in the back of my mind that whoever I'm with isn't actually satisfied with my size like they say they are. I'm glad you fucks don't ever have to deal with that because I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy to be honest.


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